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Surplus medical items are shared with other nonprofits to use on mission work. A recent example is Vision Health International, which preformed cataract surgery on needy folks in South America.  Their recent trip to Peru was a resounding success! 

 An elderly man was in danger of being sent to a nursing home, because of limited mobility. A form of mobility is required to take the man to and from doctor visits for wound care.  He needed a  wheelchair with feet rests and this was not covered by insurance and he could not afford to purchase one.  The AA Co Food & Resource Bank provided a wheelchair to the elderly man.  He can now be transported safely to the wound care clinic. 

The furniture given to me by the AA County Food and Resource Bank has been extremely useful. My residence is much more comfortable and "homey" now. Without the AA Co Food & Resource Bank help, I would have continued to pray for the items, because

I couldn’t afforded them on my own. I feel very fortunate to live in a community that takes care of its in-need brothers and sisters. The staff was "lovely." Rebecca B.


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A Note of thanks:

  • Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for solving my wheelchair battery problem so quickly and effectively. You saved me a lot of grief. I really appreciate it.​



Scouting for Food 2014

This drive replenishes our shelves after the holiday season and increased need due to heating costs.  

Thank you all for another successful year!!

Check out some letters of appreciation and success stories from agencies we support!!

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About two months ago, Girl Scout Troop 1832 began their Silver Award Project. They wanted to create a library space for Opportunity Builders, a non-profit that provides vocational training and employment services for adults with disabilities in an environment that promotes personal fulfillment, addresses individual needs and fosters independence. The AACFB was delighted to support their project with furniture, books, and book shelves.

A Non-Profit Organization serving Anne
Arundel County 
citizens in need

Anne Arundel County Food
​and Resource Bank

Not having to go to the laundromat has saved me an abundance of money and time allowing me to spend more on groceries for my child and gas to drive around. "The food banked helped me out "100%" and I am so very thankful. I am excited that my child gets clean clothes for school without any problems, and am looking forward to teaching my child how to do laundry. Thank you for your help!

​Deborah O.

Ensure supplements mad available through the Nutritional Supplements Program assisted a young woman who suffers from pancreatitis.  She cannot eat solid foods very easily and has trouble affording the supplements.  These will help get her through this tough time. She should be able to return to solids, soon. 

Notes from those assisted by the AA Co Food & Resource Bank

The AAC Food bank was able to give me a transport chair to sllow me to take inmobile clients out to get fresh air. Normally these clients are unable to go outside and mony had not been out for a long time. This chair has brightened my clients day and gives them something to look forward to. I could not have done this if not for the AA Co Food Bank. Thank you.

​Erik E.

The area rugs helped the décor, the nice vintage couch has made my sitting area much more welcoming. The pots and pans have been put to extensive use. The staff was great. Mr. Bruce is a true angel. Briana G.