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A Non-Profit Organization serving Anne
Arundel County 
citizens in need

Anne Arundel County Food
​and Resource Bank

Pantry Distribution Program - Our 79 pantries distributed over 210,500 bags of food to approximately 45,000 families feeding approximately 100,000 people in need.

Soup Kitchen Program - The Anne Arundel County Food & Resource Bank works with the Department of Human Resources to make sure that congregate feeding sites always have hot meals available.  In FY 2013, our soup kitchens served over 700,000 nutritious meals to homeless and hungry citizens in our county.

Nutritional Diet Program - Helps families whose needs go beyond standard food pantry items. The goal of the Nutritional Diet Program is to ensure that seniors and infants with diet constraints are not left at risk of hunger or malnutrition.  In FY2013 2,500 families were assisted through this program. 

Furniture Program - Distribution of furniture, appliances and other household items at no charge to our clients through referrals from the Department of Social Services and other service oriented agencies. In FY2013 the AACFB assisted 625 families with appliances and 364 families with furniture, exercise equipment and household items valued at over $100,000. The need for this service is constantly growing.

Wheels for Work Program - Many unemployed families find themselves in that position due to lack of transportation. Automobile donations allow us to get these clients on their feet and on the road to independence. Vehicle donations are refurbished and matched to a family in need. We work with the Department of Social Services in securing donated cars for clients in need in Anne Arundel County. In FY2013, we donated 3 vehicles to persons in need.

Professional Medical Equipment - Over 10% of County residents between ages 18 and 64 reported that they lacked any kind of health care insurance in 2010. This means there are approximately 36,000 working‐age adults in our community without health insurance. (DSS, 2012) Inadequate health insurance coverage jeopardizes finical security. Not only are hospitals and Doctors’ visits expensive but so is essential medical equipment.  To defray costs we offer a medical loan program to the uninsured and under insured. The AACFB Loaned medical equipment to 90 individuals this past year valued at over $37,000.



Anne Arundel County Food Bank

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