CFC #44381
​MD Charity Campaign #1858

A Non-Profit Organization serving Anne
Arundel County 
citizens in need

Anne Arundel County Food
​and Resource Bank

The Over, Short, Damaged Form is used as needed. If used is due by 1st of the month. Damaged refers to cases only. If damaged must call office same day damaged item is noticed. 

Every agency must attend an annual civil rights and food safety training. Please review the following documents  with your volunteers and have them sign off on training. The log must be kept on-file for 3 years.

FY 17 Pantry and On-site Feeding Forms

Due by the 1stof each month. 

The Client Referral Form is used to refer a client to another pantry. Ex. Sending a client to a pantry closer to their home.

Temperature Log must be maintained and checked 3 times each time the fridge or freezers are being used (opened and closed). This includes during pantry distribution and when food is being stocked.

Change of Partner Form is used to update your agencies member agency  application on file. 

The Client Intake and Client Addendium data are used and entered into the database. They are seperate documents and muct be given out as such. If you have any questions call the office for details.

FY 17 Pantry Forms