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 The awards were presented in appreciation for the large donations of food and other resources made by the brigade of  Midshipmen, through the Harvest for the Hungry program, to the needy citizens of Anne Arundel County. Among the representatives from the Naval Academy present to receive the awards were LCDR Thomas Patrick O’Flanigan and Midshipman Second Class Megan Rosenberger.


“It is often said that you can count the number of people who have a significant impact on your life on one hand,” Willard said in a statement. “Len made a significant impact not only on my life, but upon thousands of other lives as well. He was compassionate, caring, generous and loyal. He will be sorely missed.” 
The Freezer truck donated in memory of Len Moodispaw will continue these efforts helping thousand for years to come. Now the AA Co Food Bank is able to meet the requirements to acquire frozen food donations from vendors because this freezer truck ensure temperature regulations are met during transport. 

Unveiling of Frozen Box Truck funded by QinetiQ-NA in memory of Len Moodispaw


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​On Thursday March 23, the Midshipmen of the US Naval Academy were honored with awards presented by the Anne Arundel County Council and Anne Arundel County Food Bank.